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11 May 2017
The complainant thought that a series on the high cost and difficulty of renting in Toronto was tainted because it started with a first-person tale of the reporter’s own problems.
11 May 2017
The complainant thought Montreal morning show host Mike Finnerty was rude and inappropriate in his interview with Conservative MP Tony Clement.
10 May 2017
In the midst of charges of made-up news, mostly south of the border, a reader wanted to know more about the mysterious practices around anonymous sources
09 May 2017
It can be a challenge to better balance the photos and news coverage of women, but it’s not insurmountable, and the situation should be much better than it is
08 May 2017
‘As public editor with responsibility for overseeing the Star’s policies, I agree with the Star’s concerns about Desmond Cole’s recent actions.’
25 April 2017
The complainant objected to a conversation with a British Columbia Civil Liberties lawyer on the question of electronic device searches at the U.S. border.
25 April 2017
Many readers objected to an Opinion column which explored the different ways we think about mass shootings when the perpetrators are Muslim and when they are not.
18 April 2017
The complainant believed that in a discussion arising out of remarks made by Quebec Premier, Philippe Couillard, at the funeral of the victims of the Quebec City Mosque shooting, host.
17 April 2017
The complainant said reporter Nick Purdon was wrong to call the RCMP after he encountered a shivering refugee on the Canada-U.S. border.


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