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23 September 2013
A complainant said a CBC News story from Calgary unfairly singled out the pit bull to sensationalize the story and that the media has created the bias against these dogs. But CBC ombudsman Esther
23 September 2013
Tyler Olsen, a photographer for the Chilliwack Times in British Columbia, had questions about CBC’s use of a photograph from his paper when they were covering a news story. He acknowledged it was
23 September 2013
Kathy English, the Toronto Star 's public editor, questions why journalists are being blocked in obtaining information that would have been readily available to them had they been in public court to
23 September 2013
A complainant accused CBC of siding with the supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in its coverage of demonstrations in Toronto. During the height of the unrest in Egypt, she thought
23 September 2013
The complainant, Jon Melanson, thought the wording of a headline indicated CBC was taking the side of the Liberal party. CBC's ombudsman Esther Enkin responds that while it may have not been the most
19 September 2013
If done well, a photo caption can elevate the story, writes the Globe and Mail 's public editor Sylvia Stead. A bad cutline, by contrast, will tell the reader something that they can figure out on
16 September 2013
For all the attention to who generates the greatest number of references, perhaps the most important question is not about whether the coverage is equal but whether it fairly explains each party’s
13 September 2013
The Ontario Press Council was exercising its right and responsibility in holding the Toronto Star to account for its reporting on Mayor Rob Ford “crack” video, writes the newspaper's public editor
12 September 2013
It is certainly not ideal to have been talking about a tape that no CBC reporter had seen, but given the high profile of the people involved, and how the story evolved, the decision to stay with the


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