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04 April 2014
The documentary, Silence of the Labs, provided many relevant facts and presented alternative perspectives about an important public policy issue so that Canadians could draw their own conclusions,
03 April 2014
When the Toronto Star printed the Ontario Press Council decision against the newspaper, we messed up by not indicating the report was written by the press council, writes public editor Kathy English
14 March 2014
Peter Mansbridge’s and Rex Murphy’s integrity are not in question, writes CBC ombudsman Esther Enkin. But since taking money leads to a perception of conflict of interest, CBC management may want to
03 March 2014
Kathy English, public editor of The Toronto Star , will discuss the role of public editors and media ombudsmen and how they bridge the divide between journalists and their audiences. This session
09 December 2013
Even though the announcement of Nelson Mandela’s death was made in the late afternoon, much of what you read in the newspaper has been prepared for weeks, months and in some cases years, writes The
09 December 2013
The Globe and Mail 's public editor Sylvia Stead asked readers to be reporters for the day and offer (up to) five questions they have for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.
09 December 2013
Canadian Journalists for Free Expression honour courageous journalists who seek truth and report it whatever the obstacles, including jail and torture.
29 November 2013
In the medium of television, you don't have a story without images. CBC's investigative documentary program, the fifth estate is no stranger to that problem. But when its producers decided to present
22 November 2013
Paying a $5,000 fee for a video showing Mayor Rob Ford in a drunken, angry tirade is not out of line with the Star ’s guidelines on paying for information, says the newspaper's public editor Kathy


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