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23 October 2013
With an increasingly diverse audience in a diverse country, Globe editors struggle to standardize spelling with non-English languages, although that standardization does not include accents.
19 October 2013
CBC Ombudsman Esther Enkin responds to a complainant who thought referring to the prosecution's case and not the defence's showed bias in CBC News coverage of the George Zimmerman trial in the
19 October 2013
Toronto Star public editor Kathy English explains the dfiference in perception between journalists and the public when it comes to the paper's reporting about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.
19 October 2013
Following the Ontario Press Council's dismissal of complaints against The Globe and Mail for its coverage of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, public editor Sylvia Stead provides the backstory on the paper's
15 October 2013
A complainant said The National ’s political affairs panel, At Issue, lacked balance. He though that the panelists were supporters of the Liberal and Conservative parties and that there needed to be
11 October 2013
Why does the Toronto Star publish opinion columns that readers judge to be outrageous, offensive, inappropriate? Columnists express their own views, not the views of the Star , which are expressed on
11 October 2013
Once you raise the issue that many in the media haven’t mentioned John Greyson’s orientation for “fear it would go worse for him,” as Margaret Wente wrote), The Globe and Mail 's public editor Sylvia
07 October 2013
Can Toronto Star reporters take material from the Star 's own archives? Sometimes, yes. But outright copying of a colleague's work is plagiarism, writes public editor Kathy English.
02 October 2013
When the Ottawa Morning Show ran an interview with Terry Woodard, the widow of the driver of the Ottawa bus that collided with a train, there was quite a lot of reaction. The interview was raw and


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