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10 January 2017
Many people wrote to complain about one of the panelists on the CBC election night programme - she compared Donald Trump to Hitler.
20 December 2016
The complainant complained that the fact a writer of an Opinion piece was working for a Liberal politician should have been disclosed when it was published.
20 December 2016
Citing ‘Orwellian Newspeak,’ readers urge The Globe to not use made-up wordsRead more
20 December 2016
Mass media confusion resulted when Mohammed Shamji came to bail court.Read more
19 December 2016
The complainant thought CBC News’ recently launched Opinion section featured far too many anti-Trump columns.Read
19 December 2016
Journalists must not serve as unquestioning heralds for those who espouse racism and hate.
19 December 2016
While a headline on one story about the killing of highly regarded family physician Dr. Elana Fric Shamji put the focus on the wrong person, The Globe’s coverage has been balanced
08 December 2016
​The complainant thought an interview with a doctor critical of the rules for dispensing the abortion drug RU-486 was one-sided.
06 December 2016
The complainant pointed out an error in a Day 6 broadcast, and in its related web material.Read more


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