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03 March 2017
Serious journalism in the public interest requires courageous confidential sources.Read more
17 February 2017
The complainant thought that merely reporting about the closing down of an activist group’s space because the building was being torn down was unacceptable.
14 February 2017
‘Serving as public editor is a privilege and trying one’s best to serve readers and journalism’s highest standards is well worth doing — particularly at a time when building public trust in
03 February 2017
The complainant thought that any discussion of the Middle East peace process must mention that the Palestinian Authority.
31 January 2017
It’s a new world of journalism. It’s time for journalists to rethink how they work. The Globe’s readers have said what they want to see
31 January 2017
A new report from the Public Policy Forum takes on the future of media business in 21st century digital Canada.
23 January 2017
The complainant objected to the host and panelists on Sunday Talk drinking on air during the New Year’s day programme.Read more
23 January 2017
The complainant thought an interview with a World War II vet during a live Remembrance Day special was exploitive and inappropriate.
16 January 2017
Time pressure is a daily reality of journalism. A complaint is an illustration of the cost.Read more


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