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23 November 2016
Reader takes Globe to task for ‘unerringly positive’ story about ‘extremely controversial’ project
22 November 2016
The complainant thought a story on The National about Liberal cabinet minister Maryam Monsef was a journalistic failure.
21 November 2016
Journalism’s soul-searching over its failure to predict Donald Trump’s triumph has begun in earnest.
09 November 2016
I asked readers in June to suggest issues upon which The Globe should focus. Solitary confinement was one such issue, and we were encouraged to ‘go for it.’ We did
07 November 2016
The complainant thought Anna Maria Tremonti was hostile and biased in an interview with Conservative Party leadership candidate Kellie Leitch.
01 November 2016
Trump is waging war on journalists because he blames them for his sagging poll numbers, their questions about his past and the skeptical reporting that he sees as unfair and unbalanced.
25 October 2016
Blue Jays baseball may be done but the debate about offensive team names isn’t over.
19 October 2016
Readers expressed frustration this week after multiple stories reported racial slurs were hurled at Baltimore players by Toronto Blue Jays players.
18 October 2016
Rarely a day goes by without several Toronto Star readers emailing the public editor’s office to point out spelling, grammar and usage errors that slip through the writing and editing process.


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