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22 August 2016
The complainant thought a column by Neil Macdonald analyzing the response to anti-semitism from left-wing activists was based on a false premise and biased.
22 August 2016
While I do believe what Rob Ford said matters to the historical and public record of Ford’s troubled tenure – and to the journalistic record of covering this wild story — I do not see any clear
19 August 2016
Some readers have not been happy that Olympics events, including medal-winning Canadian performances, have taken place too late for early edition deadlines.
15 August 2016
The complainant felt personally insulted and thought a column by Neil Macdonald was hateful and anti-religion.Read more
09 August 2016
The complainant objected to being described as a former board member of Vaccine Choice Canada because she said she appeared on air as a “concerned parent.”
05 August 2016
The complainant objected to a story about a Toronto-area teacher being investigated for part of an address she made at an Al Quds rally.
04 August 2016
Sylvia Stead argues to keep them but adds: I would advocate tighter rules for certain topics.
26 July 2016
The complainant questioned the value and journalistic purpose of an Ideas programme called “Contrarians”.Read more
22 July 2016
The complainant thought characterising the 1995 Quebec referendum as the “abyss of ethnic nationalism” was Quebec-bashing and tarred all Quebec nationalists as xenophobes


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