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10 August 2017
Staff voted on Aug. 10 to ratify tentative deal between union and management.Read more
02 August 2017
A lot of reporting and writing involves some form of travel anyway — how else are stories found?Read more
22 July 2017
About 10 people will be laid off in the coming weeks as part of company wide cutbacks.Read more
16 May 2017
Staff ratified an agreement on May 13, 2017 that would extend their collective agreement to 2019.
04 May 2017
The budget released by the federal Liberals on March 22, 2017 contained what intern rights activists consider a significant win.
02 May 2017
On International Workers Day, Vice Canada and CMG announced that they had agreed on a new contract.Read more
21 April 2017
Some staff will have an unpaid day off every two weeks, or a 10 per cent pay cut, to save 21 jobs.
17 April 2017
TC Transcontinental announced on April 13 they would divest of their interests in Atlantic Canada.
15 March 2017
Will journalists in the future work entirely from home?Read more


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