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28 November 2013
Should interns be paid or unpaid? Join this four-member panel in a theoretical discussion: Melanie Coulson, senior editor at the Ottawa Citizen , did an unpaid internship at Chatelaine ; Andrew
27 November 2013
Postmedia Network recently announced it will sell the Surrey property where its printing plant is located and either contract out the printing or build a new plant that would require fewer workers.
19 November 2013
The print sector lost nearly twice that of the broadcast sector—6,000 jobs versus 3,700, according to the Canadian Media Guild's preliminary data. Jan Wong summarizes all the recent cuts, cost-saving
19 November 2013
Nicole Cohen, an assistant professor at the University of Toronto Mississauga and co-founder of Shameless magazine, will edit the section dedicated to coverage of contract negotiations, internships,
19 November 2013
Three Canadian professors who teach communication studies are editing a special issue on “interrogating internships” for the open-source journal tripleC: Communication, Capitalism and Critique.
11 November 2013
Rogers Media has announced sweeping changes to programming at various radio stations, following the layoffs of 94 staff, and adding more Sportsnet content to its programming. Seven people were laid
05 November 2013
Rogers Media President Keith Pelley said in a memo that 94 staff had been laid off from the company. These layoffs follow an earlier round of cuts in May when the company shut down its 24-hours news
30 September 2013
Transcontinental Media has listened to freelancers and revised its latest contract so that contributors retain moral rights and copyright to their work. The contract is an improvement, says the
26 September 2013
The union representing Globe and Mail employees says the company is being confrontational and counterproductive by telling them they’re entitled and suggesting the collective agreement is somehow


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