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24 October 2016
Entry-level media workers can confirm that some journalism internships aren’t as glamorous as they may seem.
21 October 2016
Students and professors at the Ottawa based college are tired of being asked for free work by national media outlets.
15 September 2016
The average employment income of a journalist in Canada was $46,621, according to Statistics Canada’s 2011 census.Read
25 August 2016
Process has been “frustrating” says unit chair Jonathan Goldsbie.Read more
29 July 2016
HTU member Mary MacIntyre looks back on her time on strike.Read more
28 July 2016
Media union sets precedent that could limit unpaid internships and provide student interns with ongoing workplace protections across the media industry.
11 July 2016
Before the Internet and World Wide Web became fully commercialized in the mid-1990s, freelance writers and photographers began using computer networks as organizing tools as early as 1992.
08 June 2016
Just because you aren’t working as a journalist anymore doesn’t mean you can’t draw on that skill-set.Read more
07 June 2016
What comes next for the workers at Vice Canada now that they have voted to join a union.Read more


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