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21 January 2016
Freelancer says there is a striking sees striking similarities between their contract negotiation and the current labour dispute.
20 January 2016
Potential lockout and strike looms over the Chronicle Herald by the end of this week.Read more
13 January 2016
Chronicle Herald management removed bylines—so writers and photographers identified themselves on social media.
15 December 2015
Union organizers follow lead of Vice staff in the United States, who unionized in August.Read more
09 December 2015
The Toronto Star reporter on why covering the labour beat is far more than reporting on the role of the labour movement in society.
20 November 2015
How should institutions better protect interns, and what can media workers do to protect themselves?Read more
13 November 2015
Digital media workers unite to discuss campaigns to improve journalism and workers’ rights.Read more
02 November 2015
New Australian survey examines impact of shrinking media landscape on media workers.Read more
30 October 2015
The CMG and SCRC, two of the unions that represent CBC and Radio-Canada members, say there is a lack of confidence in CBC leadership.


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