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28 September 2015
Journalism students of colour say they don't see themselves represented in Canada's media landscape.
13 August 2015
For doctoral research on the working conditions of freelance journalists, Mirjam Gollmitzer conducted in-depth interviews with freelancers and interns across Germany.
05 August 2015
Industry and economic changes are shaping journalists’ abilities to fulfill journalism’s democratic role.Read more
22 June 2015
Writer’s goal is to call out companies for terrible rates—and remind writers that they’re worth more than the miserly fees all too often offered for online writing.
21 May 2015
FHRITP is only one example of the insidious sexism people face in the field.Read more
15 May 2015
Labour stories are getting lost. At least, that’s what research for the recently launched Media Works: A Labour Rights and Reporting Project has discovered.
07 May 2015
WordRates & PitchLab aims to improve working conditions and rates for freelance writers.Read more
30 April 2015
American report does little to suggest attainable solutions to the industry’s financial woes.
20 April 2015
As the Toronto Star’s new work and wealth reporter, Sara Mojtehedzadeh is one of a dwindling number of journalists dedicated to covering labour issues full-time.


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