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07 May 2015
WordRates & PitchLab aims to improve working conditions and rates for freelance writers.Read more
30 April 2015
American report does little to suggest attainable solutions to the industry’s financial woes.
20 April 2015
As the Toronto Star’s new work and wealth reporter, Sara Mojtehedzadeh is one of a dwindling number of journalists dedicated to covering labour issues full-time.
13 April 2015
As contract assignments and internships become more commonplace for newly minted journalists, workers more than ever need to know their rights.
10 April 2015
Freelance journalists use digital communications to organize a collective fight against rights-grabbing contracts.Read more
09 April 2015
A look at the state of journalism school-sanctioned internships across Canada.Read
25 March 2015
Pending Postmedia sale among employee concerns that spurred drive.Read more
18 March 2015
A colleague remembers Mustafa’s drive to cover issues in Egypt and Syria—and what made his status as a freelance photojournalist covering conflict zones particularly precarious.
04 March 2015
A U.K. publisher’s scheme to have students pay for their work to be published is the latest in a tradition of media taking advantage of free labour—one that hasn’t escaped Canada.


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