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23 November 2016
Is it time for print media to stop whitewashing profanity?Read more
14 November 2016
Panel at Ryerson University discusses criticisms of Canada’s criminal laws against libel on Nov. 1.
14 November 2016
The amount of news available about local contests for member of Parliament during the 2015 federal election depended on where in Canada voters were living.
03 November 2016
At the Canadian Association of Journalists “Mental Health and The Newsroom” panel veteran reporters discuss mental health issues in the newsroom.
06 October 2016
Our summary of a one-day conference in response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's 94 Calls to Action.Read more
22 September 2016
Feeling uncomfortable while reporting on some communities and situations is part of being a good journalist.
19 September 2016
The study by Gavin Adamson examined the content of articles dealing with mental health and how they were shared across digital platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
15 September 2016
The average employment income of a journalist in Canada was $46,621, according to Statistics Canada’s 2011 census.Read
15 September 2016
Author of new book explores challenges faced by Canadian media industry.Read more


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