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15 March 2017
Will journalists in the future work entirely from home?Read more
14 March 2017
Indigenous people want their leaders held accountable, but journalists should be cautious about perpetuating negative stereotypes.
08 March 2017
Journalism in Crisis explores different strategies for change.Read more
08 March 2017
It is not just Internet trolls. These days, it is often not safe for women to speak up anywhere - online, on air and in print.
02 March 2017
The ongoing discussion about the state of Canadian news media tends to overlook what’s happening in smaller communities.
28 February 2017
If the government and mainstream news media want to show their commitment to civic journalism, they should support content from student journalists.
23 February 2017
Journalists struggle to get Canada’s prison agencies talking.Read more
22 February 2017
Mark Latham has pioneered a voter-funded media project at UBC since 2007.Read more
21 February 2017
Craig Silverman, media editor for BuzzFeed News, delivered this year’s Atkinson lecture on fake news at the Ryerson School of Journalism.


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