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16 May 2013
For the large, silent majority of readers turned off by comments sections, the solution is simple: stop reading them. But for journalists, who are frequently themselves the subjects of discussion,
19 April 2013
By Melanie Coulson Melanie Coulson is the first Michener-Deacon Fellow for journalism education and Senior Editor at the Ottawa Citizen. This Storify was reprinted here with Coulson's permission. [
19 April 2013
Join a panel of leading Vancouver news media journalists, featuring Vancouver Sun deputy managing editor Adrienne Tanner, CBC's Theresa Lalonde, Vancouver Observer's editor-in-chief Linda Solomon and
17 April 2013
When buckled under the pressure of the traffic that news of the explosions sent its way, the site redirected its homepage to ScribbleLive, allowing to still update their readers
15 April 2013
Nelson became the acting director after Rachel Nixon departed from the position in August 2012 to become Principal News Director, Bing Application Experiences at Microsoft.
08 April 2013
Newsana has drawn many comparisons to the social media site Reddit, but its co-founder Ben Peterson argued Newsana will be maintain a higher standard than Reddit and will focus on quality journalism
05 April 2013
Have a question about digital journalism in the world of traditional media? Here's your chance to ask. Panel includes: Mathew Ingram, Senior Writer, GigaOM ; Andrew Yates, Senior Producer of Social
02 April 2013
Tessa Sproule is the new Director, Digital at CBC as of April 1. The role is a new one created within the CBC's English Services "Content Office, she told J-Source. "I'm responsible for our digital
25 March 2013
Global News revamped its website Monday with a new user responsive design technology that automatically configures the website to fit on any screen size and resolution. While paywalls are not in the


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