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18 July 2013
The Global News website was re-developed last year by some of the leading minds in the responsive web design community, but a speed test showed the revamped site required almost 20 seconds to load a
25 June 2013
Someone asked me if I had any guidelines for how I use Twitter, and I thought I could think of maybe five things that I believe to be true I've been on it for a few years now, and have made lots of
07 June 2013
David Beers from The Tyee will go through his rules to live by in the online publishing world, and reveal case by case how his online news magazine has found success by breaking them.
30 May 2013
If Darwin was around, he would read free online news instead of a print newspaper. That's according to a commercial on a Saskatchewan radio station promoting its free website. But rather than taking
27 May 2013
The Winnipeg Free Pre ss is restricting its online comments to print and online subscribers only in an effort to keep “the e-party going without the party-crashers.” The newspaper’s editor Paul Samyn
24 May 2013
Its been a week since the Toronto Star and Gawker went public with allegations concerning Mayor Rob Ford mixing with self identified criminals and possibly smoking crack cocaine. The mayor has denied
16 May 2013
For the large, silent majority of readers turned off by comments sections, the solution is simple: stop reading them. But for journalists, who are frequently themselves the subjects of discussion,
19 April 2013
By Melanie Coulson Melanie Coulson is the first Michener-Deacon Fellow for journalism education and Senior Editor at the Ottawa Citizen. This Storify was reprinted here with Coulson's permission. [
19 April 2013
Join a panel of leading Vancouver news media journalists, featuring Vancouver Sun deputy managing editor Adrienne Tanner, CBC's Theresa Lalonde, Vancouver Observer's editor-in-chief Linda Solomon and


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