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14 September 2012
J-Source associate editor Belinda Alzner travelled to Washington D.C., and while she was there, visited the Newseum. Here are some photos from the museum.
22 February 2012
Belinda Alzner sat down with Digital First Media CEO John Paton for an exclusive interview where the front-man of the second-largest newspaper company in the United States talked about his digital
03 January 2012
Journalist Wayne MacPhail looks into his crystal ball at dramatic changes to our phones, computers and the Internet. The ensuing innovations will be the next wave of communications devices
21 December 2011
Childish sniping, iffy ethics and the sheer lunacy of public feuds expose the human side of journalists. Is that wrong? Raeanne Quinton looked into the emerging trend of newsrooms issuing social
27 June 2011
"The content farms have taken journalism hackwork to a whole new level." A highly critical look at factory journalism: online companies like Associated Media and Demand Media that generate enormous
30 June 2009
" Journalism Online, the brainchild of Court TV founder Steven Brill and former Wall Street Journal publisher Gordon Crovitz, has announced its first partnership, marking a step in the direction of
30 June 2009
Editor & Publisher magazine completed a study that found newspapers who are reducing print editions are watching readers migrate to the paper's website. "Following up on last week’s excellent
30 June 2009
While YouTube has accepted various news-style reports and information from contributors, it has created a separate page to highlight reports and to teach people how to become citizen journalists. "
30 June 2009
" CBC has selected a comprehensive suite of Web content management solutions to build and manage its various online sites in support nationwide TV and radio initiatives." What is most interesting


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