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08 May 2017
Writing, like sports, is a series of choices, says veteran reporter who broke the story of an NHL prospect’s traumatic past.
24 April 2017
The RRJ’s Catherine Phillips examines how pervasive sexism still is at Canadian media organizations.Read more
20 April 2017
How the RRJ approached profiling the editor-in-chief Twitter loves to hate.Read more
01 February 2017
Rogers magazines have already undergone significant layoffs and restructuring.Read more
23 January 2017
One man combines truth-telling, religion and activism into a feisty, delectable read.Read more
01 December 2016
Rogers Media has laid off 27 full-time employees in its English-language digital content and publishing division.Read
30 November 2016
Whether Canadian or American, magazines face a turbulent time negotiating the digital shift.Read more
30 September 2016
FLARE, Sportsnet, MoneySense, and Canadian Business will only be available online and on apps starting January 2017.
21 September 2016
Magazine Grands Prix comes after major publishers declared intention to leave National Magazine Awards last year.


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