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01 August 2017
The disappearance of archived pages from the Internet Archive poses a threat to research and the preservation of news as the first draft of history.
15 June 2017
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is swiftly shooting down a parliamentary committee's recommendation that Ottawa impose a five per cent tax on broadband Internet.
08 June 2017
Prominent journalist and FOI specialist Dean Beeby says changing laws is his self-assigned task is to get access fixed.
09 May 2017
Threats to press freedom are actually threats to the public’s right to know, says the co-editor of a new book.
04 May 2017
The budget released by the federal Liberals on March 22, 2017 contained what intern rights activists consider a significant win.
03 May 2017
Annual CJFE report card gives Canada F’s on shrinking newsrooms, protection of sources and whistleblowers.
18 April 2017
Border crossings are “legal limbos” where basic rights are virtually non-existent.Read more
07 April 2017
Mexico’s drug cartels are making full use of cyberspace to mount a campaign of intimidation targeting the country’s journalists and society.
04 April 2017
The global refugee crisis has reached record levels, with more than 20 million people around the world forced to leave their countries.


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