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26 June 2017
Non-profit community media in Canada, which has traditionally relied on a combination of government assistance and private investment, have seen those funds dry up in recent years.
21 June 2017
Journalists are optimistic about the future of local news, and their futures in it, a recent study in the Columbia Journalism Review has found.
30 May 2017
The economics of local news are no small challenge, but soon we may be able to anticipate significant causes of unhealthy news ecosystems in different U.S. cities.
29 May 2017
Local police forces might be low hanging fruit for freedom of information requests.Read more
16 March 2017
Will campaigns to revive community TV in the new digital world work?Read more
27 February 2017
Scholars, journalists and educators from around the world will gather in Toronto this spring to discuss the state of local journalism.
Independent journalist at No DAPL protest
07 February 2017
The independent digital public interest journalism sector is essential to the industry’s future.Read more
25 November 2016
Three Canadian researchers are giving people who’ve experienced mental illnesses the resources and training to make their own documentary films.


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